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Children’s Home Project Details

October 24, 2012

Background/Feasibility Study

  • Due to the poor economic and living conditions especially in the remote villages, many Nepalese children became orphans or were abandoned by their own parents. The recent insurgency conflict in the country has escalated this social problem and led into new heights.
  • Love Light Society has started its work in 2006 (2063 B.S) with just a few children. Now it is serving 35 children from different parts of Nepal. This project is expected to sustain for more than a decade in the future.

Project Objectives

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for vulnerable children.
  • Provide a facility which houses boys and girls separately.
  • Accommodate larger number of orphans and children in need.
  • Eliminate the rental costs for current facility.
  • Avoid the uncertainty of lease termination by leaseholders of current facility.

A chronology of the project

2010 December Purchase of land
2011 February Team to Nepal made plan and design for the building
2011 March – May Developed architectural designs and drawings
2011 June – Dec Worked with different builders and contractors for drawings
2011 December Pevious design rejected due to over-budget
2012 January – Developed new architectural design & drawings
– Issue for quotation to 3 construction companies
2012 March Received result from 3 construction companies
2012 May Adjustment on structural design
2012 August BOQ final result from 4 construction companies
2012 July/August Government approval granted to this project
2012 September Interview of possible constructors
2012 November Receive the pre-contract submission from the builder, ANR company
2012 November Prepare the contract for the Builder and the Supervisor

Donation received for the project

Date Donation Collected Resource
2010 December CAD112,500.00 LLH Vancouver Charity Fund
2011 December USD30,955.00 “Give back project”
2012 January HKD44,880.00 The House of God in Sydney
2012 March USD10,000.00 “Give Back Project” *
2012 March AUD100.00 The House of God in Sydney
2012 March CAD350.00 Individual Donation from Toronto
2012 March CAD200.00 Individual Donation from Toronto
2012 April SGD30,750.42 Light and Love Welfare Services Centre
2012 April USD1600 (NPR131,760.00) Ms Anna Tan, Singapore
2012 February HKD1060.00 Charity sale from TKOGSS
2012 July HKD279.50 Offering Box in HK
2012 August CAD50.00 Individual Donation from Vancouver
2012 June SGD345.00 Singapore – Gurkha Army Family
2012 September SGD4879.06 (CAD3790.34) Singapore – various donors
2012 September AUD4110.00 Donation from Sydney, Australia
2012 December MYR50 (USD16.24) Donation from Christian Mission Fellowship, Johor Malaysia

* Reverse of transportation subsidy of Worldwide Charity Meeting to Building Project in Nepal.

Usage of the transferred fund

Date Particlars Amount (Rs)
2011 February Land Purchase 8,000,000.00
2011 February 2% tax 160,000.00
2011 February Bank Charge for cheque 1,250.00
2011 Land measurement charge 1,000.00
2011 February Lawyer charges 5,000.00
2011 August CBG Building Charges 22,500.00
2012 January CBG Building Charges 22,500.00

* 1 Nepalese rupee (R) = 0.0117 CAD/USD as of Oct 2012

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