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Highlights of January 2013

January 27, 2013

Feeding Monkeys

There were so many monkeys in the nearby jungle and the children got a chance to feed them personally. They felt so happy to enjoy nature and the monkeys. They also learned a lot from the monkeys’ parental care to their small babies. They realized how important parental care is.

Fun Park

Younger children from the home who are not able to make long tours were given a chance to have fun in a Fun Park. They were so excited to enjoy the different types of exciting games. Some of them were also brave enough to try different thrilling games. It was a fun day for them!

Home for the Disabled (Shanti Griha)

The children were brought to a home for the disabled to understand the lives of the people there. The manager of the home warmly welcomed the children and briefed us on details about the home. The children were very curious to know about the lives of people with disabilities. This home provides food, shelter and medical care to people with disabilities. The children were greatly inspired by the residents there and felt compassion for them. Though seeing their struggles, the children were thankful to God that they had a complete body. The children were also motivated to do something in the future for disabled people.

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