Situation in Nepal Out of the total population of Nepal, 45 percent of the population (close to 13 million) is under the age of 18 more than 40 percent of the children are not accessible to basic needs million children are engaged in different sectors of child labour 40,000 children are bonded labourers while 5000 children are working and living on streets The children of today are the foundation of tomorrow Goals The Lovelight Children Home provides care and support for needy, marginalized, and underprivileged children, children who faced abandonment, children who encountered abuse, and children who faced broken family. the fundamental needs of children, including education and a loving environment so children can develop holistically. the best educational opportunities, health care, excursion, social interaction, as well as other opportunities for their overall development. Current Residents Now we have 36 children at our home. Children came from more than 20 districts of Nepal.